What is Up to All of Us?

IMG_4202Up to All of Us is a community of brilliant people spanning several disciplines, helping each other focus on what matters in our work and lives. Making each other better together.

16672788694_cd45fe93fd_o Surrounding ourselves with others who know how to work and play hard, we create the space and time to explore what’s really challenging. We remove the typical structures of a conference that push us to pursue someone else’s expectations or priorities.


As an active participant, YOU are the authority that best knows on what, and with whom, is most valuable to spend your time and energy.

Now on our seventh year, Up to All of Us continues to be a thick-spined and loosely structured experience where passion, engagement and drive are required. The experience is designed exclusively for the people in the room, through active research. We shift the focus away from the monologues at top-down organized conferences and model active collaborative practice before, during and after the event.