Up to All of Us

Co-creating revolutions in learning and technology.

April 10-13, 2015


Up to All of Us will take place at the Ronora Lodge & Retreat Center in Michigan from April 10-13, 2015. Keeping with our traditions of beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Sedona, Austin and Greensboro, we are excited to be on the coast of Lake Michigan. Continuing to be inspired by natural surroundings the Ronora offers 210 acres of nature preserve, forests, meadows, private lake, wetlands, and miles of nature trails (as well as adult-sized swings, volleyball nets, paddleboats) just minutes from Lake Michigan. It's ideal for the convergence of new ideas, reflecting on lessons learned and the hard fun Up to All of Us is known for. New stories; catching up with old friends and making new ones; summer-camp silliness that cannot be planned and huge, raging fires. We love the Ronora, and you'll love it too. It is about a two-hour drive from Chicago or Detroit.


Up to All of Us is a community of brilliant people spanning several disciplines, helping each other focus on what matters in our work and lives. Making each other better together.

Surrounding each ourselves with others who know how to work and play hard, we create the space and time to explore what’s really challenging, removing the typical structures of a conference that push people to pursue someone else’s expectations or priorities. You, as the participant, are the authority that best knows on what, and with whom, is most valuable to spend both time and energy.

Now, in our FOURTH year, it continues to be a thick spined and loosely structured experience where passion, engagement, and drive are required. The experience is designed exclusively for the people in the room, through active research. We shift the focus away from the monologues at top-down organized conferences and model active collaborative practice before, during and after the event.


This is our fourth year. We love a strong mixture of alumni and new faces, see who came last year and the year before and in 2012. If you're down to join us, let's talk!
Email us at: uptoallofus@gmail.com


You're always searching for your next level.
You know your shit, specifically about your craft.
You're always watching what's coming and how other industries are dealing with similar problems.
You've long since recycled the proverbial box used for "thinking inside."
You need to find more people like you; we all do.
You welcome a space to play with ideas and exercise them in different ways.

A survey of leading practitioners identified that what they need most is to know who is the right person to reach out to about the specific challenges in front of them, when no one within their organization could help. The best way to know who is the right person is by getting to know them, spending time. Traditional trade shows and online chats don't develop the level of relationships that help individuals (and their organizations) grow. Up to All of Us is different.

"What is UTAOU? A gathering of professionals from varied disciplines with a shared vision for smarter and better communication in business, education, and technology. Ideas are birthed, problems viewed as opportunities for growth and spirits eased. Would I go again? You bet."Kay Wood
“Alan Kay said that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. UTAOU is a purposeful network focused on exactly that. Have fun while doing good, for yourself, for your peers, and for the world. What could be better?"Dave Gray
“UTAoU resulted in 3 books, half a dozen apps, several websites, some whitepapers and a lot of great blog posts and podcasts... Not to shabby of a weekend if you ask me."Chad Udell
“UTAOU is one of those fantastic life experiences that connects you with incredible people in a setting tailored to amplify everyone at the event. If you get the chance, do it."Steve Flowers